QuestionApp: quick answer to your daily questions

For all vulnerable people, like people with a lower IQ, people with a mental disorder, low-literate people and elderly.

increase self-reliance

a community of volunteers support a more independent life

relieve supervisors

caretakers save more time for developmental issues


careful attention for security of users and data


More and more people experience society as complex. For example, because they are transitioning into adulthood or because they have a (minor) cognitive limitation. They often have a small network. Therefore, everyday questions result in avoidance of situations or in stress. These people often have a smartphone. A large group of (young) people are looking for flexible and non-binding volunteer work.


VraagApp connects people with questions to flexible volunteers.
Are you looking for flexible volunteer work? Then you become Answerer. You open the app, and you select subjects you would like to answer questions about.
As Asker you open the app when you have an everyday question.

An example: Sarah has a question about public transport. Sarah opens the app, clicks “public transport”, asks her question in text or speech, and clicks “send”. VraagApp sends Sarah’s question to a few volunteers at the same time. In this example, people who like to answer questions about public transport. These people simultaneously receive Sarah’s question on their smartphones. The first volunteer to accept her question is connected to Sarah in a chat. Sarah’s question will disappear from the app of the other volunteers. They can help another time.

The asker and the volunteer chat in VraagApp. Shortly afterwards Sarah is happy because she knows what to do. And the volunteer is happy because they have helped someone.

Municipality of Amsterdam

VraagApp and the Municipality of Amsterdam are working together to increase independency since 2018. Watch the video below for more information.

More information?

Send an e-mail to Frank Schalken or call him at +31643541970.